Jun. 16th, 2012 05:36 pm
So, the market today. Not too bad. We made $23.00, which is okay-ish for us for this time of year. But we had a lot of people stop by to chat.

Friendly geekbear suggested dragon or phoenix pins, offered fabric.

Crochet lady's daughter asked for pony keychain or butterfly keychain or butterfly ring or something awesome and full of butterflies, basically.

Crochet lady's daughter's friend asked for GIR handwarmers, black outside, green inside; boy's Batman handwarmers with the logo, black outside, yellow inside; maybe something for a girl, also, not specified. Wanted by Christmas, which is plenty of time.

Kindergarten teacher who used to be a Waldorf teacher stopped by and discussed materials, interesting fabric textures, and possibly waldorf dolls for later in the year.

Someone admired the fairy handwarmers and said she would email me to find out what kinds of fabrics I have to make a similar pair in some color other than green. This woman had chicken earrings and a gigantic red plush chicken bag over her shoulder. Kind of tempted to make chicken handwarmers and/or button toys now, too, just because.

Owls. Other vendor's friend keeps mentioning owls.

Some guy's gonna come back next week for the camo bunny. Jewelry vendor wants me to hold the leopard heart ring for her.

Person Rey has been talking to about another project has a true story/thriller type writing project she wants to work on NOW RIGHT NOW and may want my input. Must send writing samples, see what I can find out about the client herself. It's always wise to be wary about these things, but she's certainly passionate about her work. I dunno.

Plus I have an Etsy convo I need to reply to, about MLP fanprojects, and some stuff of my own I'd like to work on. 98% finished steampunk-y doll needs an aviator's cap and possibly goggles. Would be nice to get some more hats made, talking about making a button-doll chess set, Castiel/other SPN dolls, Marauders dolls, MST3K dolls, mermaids, bug plushes.

Very few of these things are actual orders or commissions, but they're ALL leads, and my tendency is to cling to every lead I have, until or unless I get a clear indication there is no money in it. I may be stretching myself too thin that way.

My brain is burdened with, um, glorious purpose or something...? It's going, "...wait, what? Where do I focus first? D:"
There is nothing in the world that motivates me to do better the way kindness does.
Thread Ideas:

+Love Hotel Specific:
(Leeds) Light medical kink--"I'm studying xenobiology; would you mind volunteering?"
(Balthazar) Sensory deprivation/Sensory overload.
(Balthazar) Light teacher/student play (rp within rp scenario?).

+General Comms (multiverse, sws, CR-only request on TLH):
(Balthazar) Medieval court musician.
(Balthazar) Looking for drinking buddies. Especially ones around his apparent age.
(Leeds) Question: "Great power comes with great responsibility. Where's the upper limit to the responsibility part? Because I didn't ask for the power part in the first place."
(Penny) Dog walking or complaining about clients? Question about jobs that require secrecy?

Penny would also be adorable on a texts from last night meme.

New Journals/Muses:
+Grown-up Charlotte wanders the multiverse.
+Rule 63!Balthazar. I don't usually like Rule 63 characters, but, but, Zoe Wanamaker would be a really neat PB for this. Plus, Horvath would have kittens. Maybe this is just crack, I dunno, but I can see backstory potential.
+Snow White and Rose Red. The creeptastic version or the canon version. Might be limited usefulness. Creepy versions might offend or freak people out.
+Sean Rua, just so I can have a cat character to fling around. (Benedict Cumberbatch might be a good PB for this.)
+Sawyer from Cats Don't Dance would be fun, too.
+Minerva McGonagall, either school age or young adult. Variable age?
+Evil!Effective!Drake Stone. It should happen. I don't know if I want a muse, though. Maybe just an NPC incident in some other thread.
+Considering Hiccup and/or Toothless, for the cute.
+Sadira from Aladdin?

Existing Characters:
+Considering a new PB for Leeds so I don't look like a raving fangirl when people find out I play a Sorcerer's Apprentice character as well as an OC with Jay as PB.
+Really need to do something with Duncan. Really really. Maybe setting up the journal and finding icons will help.

Complete Crack:
+The Curious Sofa. In the Love Hotel. Doing horrible things.
+John Murdoch backstory swap with Balthazar. Or Old!Immortal!John.
+The Bottle Imp. One-shot thread in sws, tlh, multiverse, wherever. Might even make a good meme.
+Humanized Gill. From Finding Nemo. Bet if I played my cards right I could get other humanized fishies to play with.

Right. Comments welcome.
I got to thinking about carols that my RP characters might be fond of.

Cut for Embedded Video )

So. Yeah. Music!
Maybe not the best note to open a journal on, but I needed to kvetch...

Rey and I have been doing some petsitting for extra cash, mostly for family and friends of family. One of my dad's coworkers, who is lovely and whose dogs are lovely (we sit for them regularly), suggested to her neighbors that they contact us for petsitting when they go out of town this holiday.

So far so good.

The neighbors contacted us and we made some loose arrangements to meet the dog (a sweet little white puffball with dark eyes, might be part pomeranian part terrier-not sure), which we did, and we quoted them $10 a day to go over there twice daily to feed/walk/check on the dog. Since they'll be gone for 2 weeks (Christmas and New Year's, mind you), that amounts to $140. The balking and backpeddling at this price was so immediate I got the impression they expected the cost to be $20 and a nice postcard from their vacation destination. Which might be reasonable for a family member or close friend, but, hey, we're strangers spending our gas money, right? Sensing this was an irreconcilable difference, I told them to call if they changed their mind.

Predictably, they did, because kennels cost $50 a night, professional petsitters can be anywhere from $15-$30 per visit, and the other neighbors didn't want to be bound to someone else's dogs for 2 weeks over the holidays. These are the sacrifices you make for your pets.

In the end, we offered them a cut rate ($100 for the duration), and tonight we went to check on the dog for the first time.

Dog has an operation recently to remove a cyst in her leg and is recovering. Due to licking the incision, she had been put in a cone of shame, which we knew and that was okay, but she was so worked up and nervous and uncomfortable she wouldn't let us near her and eventually threw up into the cone. We had to remove it and clean her up a bit, and she still didn't want to get up and go outside.

This dog is in a room in the basement. She has food and water and a dog bed, but there are no toys or stimulation of any kind aside from the husband's treadmill and a pair of the kid's shoes. And a towel. I'm not impressed.

On top of it all, we made a circuit of the next room while waiting for the dog to calm down and I noticed a James Dobson book on the shelf, along with other semi-religious social conservative staples. And the envelope they put our payment in was a fundraising request from the Family Research Council.

We'll do our best by the dog, of course, because none of this is her fault, but I think it's safe to say there's not enough money in the world to make us work for these people again.



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